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Raida Torhout

The Torhout icon Fietsen Ampe will continue to exist as RAIDA Torhout. Fietsen Ampe had been established in Torhout since 1936. For the Torhout people this is an established value in the townscape which fortunately continues to exist, but under a different name.

Ludo Ampe and his wife Patricia Bamps, the former owners of Fietsen Ampe, are the 3rd generation and last successors of the bicycle shop founded by Alfons Ampe. The 2nd generation, Maurits Ampe and his wife Gertrude, further expanded the bicycle business. Because there was no successor left, Ludo and Patricia started looking for a buyer. It soon became clear that there were various synergies with Cool Electro Cycles, which now continues under the brand name RAIDA.

Nicolas Cool, co-director of RAIDA, is from Torhout himself: "As children, we went to Ludo's father to buy our first bicycles. My father even went to Ludo's grandfather with his bicycle. It is therefore a great honour to continue Fietsen Ampe in this way."

RAIDA Torhout Markt is the largest specialist shop for electric and sports bikes in the region (area 900m²). A separate department specialises in mountain bikes and racing bikes. Measurement and adjustment of race and MTB bicycles is done in-house.

Contact details

050 220 455

Opening hours

Tues-Fri: 9.30-18.00

Sat: 9.30-17.00


Hofstraat 1-7
8820 Torhout


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