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Bicycle insurance

With Raida and its partner SafeBike, you will always be on the road without any worries. Our bicycle insurance consists of two formulas - comprehensive or theft - with a term of 1 or 3 years and provides cover in the European Community, Norway and Switzerland.

Insurance Formulas

Comprehensive bicycle insurance

The omnium bicycle insurance insures against theft and all material damage and/or losses whatever the cause. No other party must be involved. Second-hand bicycles are excluded and cannot be covered under this comprehensive bicycle insurance. The bicycle assistance is automatically included in the cover.

Theft insurance

The theft insurance can be claimed for theft and material damage to the bicycle as a result of theft. Damage due to attempted theft or theft of parts is excluded. The bicycle assistance is not included.

Safebike Assistance' bicycle assistance

The Safebike Assistance' bicycle assistance is automatically covered under the onmium bicycle insurance and provides breakdown assistance within a radius of 30 km from the point of departure. This bicycle assistance is available for all bicycles, electric bicycles, delivery bicycles, sports bikes and mountain bikes.

Calculate your bicycle insurance on the website of Safebike.


"Yesterday my Stromer was stolen. What a shame! Fortunately, I took out a SafeBike insurance which meant that my bike was fully reimbursed within a week."

Satisfied customers


"On the cycle path to Duffel, I crashed with my BMC TeamMachine into a brush and tore my front fork. Thanks to my comprehensive contract, the damage was repaired and replaced in no time.