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Your dream bike within reach

Calculate your bike loan at 1.99%

  • A bike loan can be for any type of bike

  • You choose the amount and term (min €500 and 12 months)

  • You do not need to be a KBC customer to take out a KBC bike loan

  • Everything can be easily arranged online.

Calculate your bike loan in 2 clicks!

A good bike quickly costs a few bucks. To avoid having to tap into your savings, opt for a bike loan. This way, you pay only a small amount every month. If you also use your bike to go to work, with a bicycle allowance from your employer so the amount borrowed earned back.

Cheaper than the bank

At RAIDA, we offer consumer credit in collaboration with KBC. Because we bear part of the costs ourselves, our customers can enjoy a keen interest rate of 1.99%. This is more advantageous than at the bank itself. For example, a RAIDA loan with staggered payments a very interesting way to finance your bike. You take out the loan easily and quickly online. Handy right?

Simulate your loan yourself

Earn back your bike

If you use your bike to go to work, you are eligible for a tax-free bike allowance. Note: the bicycle allowance is a favour from your employer. It is up to them to decide if and how much to grant it. So check the conditions with your boss.

Gabriel rides an ST7 worth €12,490

Payoff to 1.99%:
€308.01 per month at 42 months

Bicycle allowance:
40km a day - 20 days a month:
€192 per month*

Effective cost:

€116 / month

Tine rides a Trek Verve+ 2 worth €2,599

Payoff to 1.99%:
€88.86 per month on 30 months

Bicycle allowance:
25km a day - 20 days a month:
€120 per month*

Effective WIN:

€31 / month

*This example was calculated based on a mileage allowance of €0.24/km. The amount of the mileage allowance depends on your employer and the collective agreement of the sector in which you operate.