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Raida Melle

The former Bicycles Van den Hauwe celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. The business started in 1921 with Gustave Van den Hauwe who manually built and painted bicycle frames.

In 1947, upon the death of its founder, the business was taken over by Gustave's son Marcel Van den Hauwe. Together with his wife, Diane, he started the private labels Actif and Lucasa. The name Lucasa came from the first two letters of Luc, Carine and Sabine, the three children. Today, Lucasa is still seen in the Ghent area.

In 1993, the third generation took the helm. Luc Van den Hauwe started selling Belgian and worldwide A-brands. In 2003, the shop got its first serious upgrade and moved to its current location in Brusselsesteenweg. Since 1 June 2022 the shop belongs to the RAIDA network, with the same trusted team as always and with a redesign in the characteristic RAIDA style.

Contact details

09 252 13 44

Opening hours

Tues-Fri: 9.30-18.00

Sat: 9.30-17.00


Chaussée de Bruxelles 264
9090 Melle


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