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The ST3 Special Edition with exclusive Ipanema Brown paint, Pinion gear, belt drive, optional fully integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the most powerful battery is an exceptionally dynamic S-pedelec and ideal for everyday use.

The adjustable seating position and smart extras ensure comfortable, stylishly efficient mobility in commuting.

Commuting with upgrade: the differences from the classic ST3.

Extremely easy to care for.

Pinion gears as per automotive standard.

With the 9-speed Pinion gear system, you can change gears quickly and precisely, both when stationary and when riding, with a 568% gear ratio. For a harmonious riding experience and an extremely long service life.

Particularly durable.

Technology from motor sports: Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

The powerful and clean carbon belt drive has been optimised for fast e-bikes. Advantages: quiet, noiseless driving, long service life and minimal maintenance.

Maximum endurance.

Powerful battery in the ST3 Special Edition.

With a range of up to 180 km thanks to its 983 Wh battery, the ST3 Special Edition has brilliant endurance.

Arrive safely at your destination.

Optionally with fully integrated anti-lock braking system for maximum brake control.

The fully integrated Blubrake anti-lock braking system regulates the power of the front brake - for maximum braking control on slippery surfaces and protection against rollover under heavy braking.

The Stromer ST3 Pinion LE is an indisputable achievement. A speed pedelec with real riding pleasure, safe and equipped with the latest technology. You will enjoy every second of it. Prices start from €8 803.


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