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The brand new launch edition Of the Stromer ST2 Pinion comes in electric green and has a 6-speed Pinion gearbox. With this comfortable and low-maintenance speed pedelec, you get the ideal mobility solution: effortlessly and efficiently from A to B without traffic jams or parking stress.

With its rear-wheel motor, the fully connected Stromer ST2 dynamically and silently supports up to 45km/h. Powered by a Gates carbon belt, finished with polished welds and equipped with an adjustable handlebar stem, this ST2 Pinion offers a big dose of riding pleasure.

Available from €6,890

In 3 colour options: electric green (from April) - moon grey and dark grey (from June). Stop by one of our shops and find out all about it.

Reservations can be made from now on!

First deliveries are scheduled from April 2023. But reservations can be made now ... and you will be the first to hit the road with this high-end e-bike.

The Pinion upgrade

The main difference from classical Stromer ST2 is the gearbox: the 6-speed Pinion lets you change gears quickly both at standstill and while riding. This makes accelerating super easy! Moreover, the Pinion is very maintenance-friendly with an extremely long service life.

Stromer ST2 Pinion
Stromer ST2 Pinion

Individually perfect seating position

Thanks to the adjustable stem, the ST2 Pinion adjustable to your desired sitting position. As standard, the ST2 comes with a curved handlebar (Sweep handlebar). You can also choose from two other handlebar variants for retrofitting.

Stromer ST2: clean and sleek

Unlike the standard ST2, the welds on the Pinion version are nicely polished and the cabling is also neatly hidden and largely integrated into the frame.

Stromer ST2 Pinion
Stromer ST2 Pinion

Smartly connected with OMNI connect

The ST2 Pinion is fully connected to your smartphone thanks to the OMNI app. This allows you to control, locate and check the status of your Stromer at any time and remotely (smartlock, GPS positioning, engine settings, battery charge level, statistics and much more). Even remote maintenance, dealer diagnosis and updates can simply be performed over-the-air.

Range of up to 180 km

The base version of the ST2 Pinion has a 655-watt battery with an average range of 120km. But optionally you can choose a larger battery that offers up to 150km or even up to 180km of riding range. The sky is the limit!

Stromer ST2 Pinion

Buy or lease Stromer ST2?

The ST2 Pinion is an ideal partner for your commute. If your employer offers the option of bicycle leasing you can thus save up to 40% on the purchase of your bike. Moreover, you will enjoy staggered payments and are immediately insured against theft as well.
But purchases can also be made with staggered payments and at preferential rates.

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