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Bicycle leasing

Bike leasing has only advantages

  • Leasing is up to 40% cheaper than buying a bike

  • Free choice of type and brand of bike

  • Including breakdown cover, insurance and maintenance plan

  • Perfectly combinable with a leased car

  • 100% free of charge for the employer


Our leasing partners

To give you the widest possible choice we work with all the recognised leasing specialists on the market. Check with your employer which leasing company he wants to work with. We can help you further with the administrative processing of your leasing contract.

Calculate your leasing as

Did you know that bike leasing...

Can be done for any make and type (unless otherwise stipulated by the leasing company)

Well up to 40% cheaper than buying a bike

Protect you against unexpected costs due to theft, damage and maintenance

Perfectly compatible with a company car or public transport pass

Completely free of charge for the employer

The self-employed can also