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Your old electric bike is worth money. Find out quickly how much!

When you buy a new e-bike, RAIDA will take over your old e-bike.
The purchase price is your discount when you buy a new electric bike

What is the acquisition price your electric bike?

We determine the value of your bike based on four criteria:

  1. What is the make and model of your bike?
  2. In which year did you buy your bike?
  3. What was the purchase price of your bike?
  4. How many kilometres did you drive with it?

Fill in the simulation on the right and find out immediately how much your bike is worth!

Please note! This is only a simulation and may differ slightly from the actual amount.

Want an 100% accurate valuation or are you considering trading in your bike?

Then stop by one of our shops!


Trade in your old bike for a new one

Ready for a new E-bike? Then bring your old electric bike to one of our shops. We will determine the final takeover price depending on the effective use and condition of the bike. So make sure your bike is clean and complete (incl charger, key, etc) so we can carry out the estimate correctly. The takeover price will be deducted from the purchase invoice of your new e-bike.


RAIDA does not sell used e-bikes itself. Upway, the first European platform of refurbished electric bikes, is our partner for the acquisition of used e-bikes. This is how we work together for sustainable e-mobility.