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Looking for a bike that can really replace your car in the city? Then you're in the right place with the versatile e-bikes from Benno.

Since the launch of this US brand in 2015, it has been giving Benno a whole new meaning to cargo bikes: Electric assistance makes your luggage weigh less, hills and headwinds are no longer obstacles and distances are easier to cover. That leaves only riding pleasure. And of course the eye wants something too.

Fun and functionality in one... It's called Etility!

Classic electric bikes offer few solutions for transporting luggage or larger loads. You can transport more with a cargo bike, but it is often bulky and difficult to manoeuvre. Benno creates the perfect blend between the two: the longtail e-bike! This bike has an extended frame or an extra-large luggage carrier, allowing you to transport more people or goods. This gives you all the advantages of a cargo bike and the suppleness and manoeuvrability of a regular ebike. The Americans call it Etility design.

Benno Boost: the ultimate multitasker

  • Can carry up to 3x more luggage than a regular bike
  • Powerful Bosch mid-motor
  • Dual battery for extra long driving range (up to 250km)
  • Extensive range of accessories for transporting various loads: from child seats, dog baskets and carriers to bicycle bags and even surfboards

Benno Boost

Large panniers and a front box make the perfect everyday bike.

Two children fit comfortably on the rear rack using passenger rails and accessories.

Or two small children in a child seat.

Benno Remidemi: other than different

  • Smaller wheels with tough tyres
  • Robust frame with low instep
  • Comfortable wide saddle
  • Powerful Bosch mid-motor
  • Extensive range of accessories for carrying various loads: from child seat, shopping basket and delivery box to panniers, handlebar rack and even surfboard

Benno Remidemi

Carry a passenger (max 40 kg) with the passenger kit and Jump Seat Rear Rack.

Compatible with Yepp® and other popular child seats.

Attach your own crate to our Sport Front Tray. Secure frame-mounted front tray options.

Bicycle loan

Finance your new Benno Bike with Raida's bike loan.

Contact us should you have any questions or pop into one of our Raida shops. We will be happy to help you find your Benno.

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